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As an industry leader or hands-on welder working in manufacturing and metal fabrication, you’re always looking for greater efficiency throughout the fabrication process. Increasing productivity, reducing waste, and lowering costs are daily challenges.

Flextur Welding Tables are designed for companies looking to increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. And for organizations interested in implementing or sustaining Lean and 5S workflows. The best part, Flextur welding tables are American Made in Dalton, Ohio U.S.A.

Flextur industrial welding tables, or workstations, are the industry’s only to feature Gridlok - the strongest, most versatile 14-gauge metal pegboard for organizing tools and materials, putting efficiency within reach. Our patented design features Industrial hooks capable of holding up to 50lbs. - perfect for organizing the heavier, more robust tools needed in the welding industry. Flextur welding tables are proven to reduce material waste, man-hours, employee fatigue, setup, lead times, and the need for costly fixtures.