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The Industries Strongest, Most Versatile 14-Gauge Metal Pegboard And Tool Board Organizer

Gridlok™ Metal Pegboard / Tool Board provides the organization and standardization necessary for successful Lean and 5S initiatives and aids your efforts at improving productivity, eliminating waste, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

Our patented Gridlok Metal Pegboard allows team members to personalize their workstations without sacrificing standardization throughout the plant. Improve employee moralee and retention and nurture a culture of continuous improvement.

Standardizing and organizing with Gridlok metal pegboard/tool board will help you meet production goals, decrease lead times and increase profits while reducing common workplace accidents. Save time and space, and improve the consistency of finished goods.

Creating A Complete LEAN Workstation Has Never Been Easier

With a 4 Panel Gridlok Mobile Tool Board and 71 Piece Gridlok Accessory Kit you can accomplish just about anything. This makes one LEAN mobile Workstation whether you’re in Assembly, Maintenance, Shipping, or just about anywhere in a production facility. Customize it to meet your needs by placing standard accessories right where you need them to keep tools, materials and paperwork all within easy reach.

Engineered To Perform In Diverse Industries And Applications

When using Flextur featuring Gridlok throughout your facility you get the additional benefits of an extremely adaptable system that is easily made personal for every employee. Yet it’s made up of standard products, not expensive custom solutions. Many unrealized benefits can be obtained as you pursue and implement LEAN and 5S principles within your facility with the help of extremely agile, durable, flexible, Flextur Workstations.